The Minnesota Consortium of Theological Schools share the following commitments:

  • To serve the church and the world
  • To educate ordained and lay leadership
  • To foster spiritual formation and holistic development
  • To foster faithfulness to the gospel and our respective traditions

The Consortium supports, affirms and advances these commitments and embodies the unity of the Christian faith by joining resources and developing and implementing common endeavors.
To achieve this mission, the Consortium adopts the following goals:

  • To be a catalyst for new ideas and initiatives that implement the respective mission and goals of each of the Consortium schools.
  • To support the committee functions and grant writing that enable numerous initiatives.
  • To facilitate community among the members of the respective schools.
  • To identify and reflect on the faith commitments that surround pressing issues within culture.
  • To encourage the public discourse on religion and politics in the wider community.
  • To facilitate cross-registration of courses for students. To promote library cooperation and enhancement of collections.